Amir Haboosheh - Acquira

Who you are

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me means to empower, mentor, motivate, energize, and inspire others to be the best version of themselves and show them how through personal development or career specific education.

What core attributes make you, you?

Optimism and seeing the best in people or a situation.

How do you want to make people feel?

That they are important and they matter.

Who inspires you?

People with high integrity.

Who does the opposite?

People with lack of integrity.

What gives you purpose and meaning?

Personally, my wife, daughter, family, and friends. For work, improving people’s lives.

Where have you found unexpected success in life? Tell us about it.

The people around me. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people, each talented in their own unique way.

Tell us about a low-time in your career - what you learned and how you bounced back.

When I realized I am not growing skill-wise. When I realized that personal development is 100% under my control.

What is the amount of money in the bank that represents money solved?

It’s not the amount of money but the mindset. Some people can make a million bucks a minute and still feel like its not enough. I’d much rather solve for happiness than money.

How you like to work

Where would you say you naturally fall on the ETTO scale?

I fall naturally in the thorough side of the scale but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Too often being efficient is more important than thorough, which will allow for more time to be thorough on the items that actually need it.

What is your disc profile?
  1. A 40%
  2. B 40%
  3. C 11%
  4. D 9%
What does a perfect workday look like? What are you doing?

Spend a few hours on strategy with the team to solve high level problems. Spend a few hours talking to our stakeholders.

What does the worst possible workday look like? What are you doing?

Cutting through red tape only to end up in front a wall of concrete. Waste of time. Purposefully, this is not an issue at Acquira.

Your role at Acquira

What is your role at Acquira?

I have a few roles. Like many early stage companies do. But my main role is Investor Relations and Seller Relations. I basically get a chance to talk to amazing people about our company and what we do.

Why did you join Acquira?

I love the team and the 10 year plan. To disrupt education and the traditional career paths. The quicker we can help young talents solve form money the more time they will have to have a meaningful impact to their own community and on humanity (stretch goal).

What do you like about working at Acquira?

The team. I’ve said it many times and I will say it again. I haven’t been around a much more talented group of people that are respectful, smart, enthusiastic, operate at a high level of integrity, honesty, and work ethic. I like to say internally that are requirement motto should be “Join our team, we guarantee you won’t be the smarted person in the room.

If you were to run a division in Acquira that bought and improved businesses, what would it be doing?

Cyber security and managed IT services. That or Space related. Asteroid mining, rovers, space freight, etc.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Doing exactly what I am doing right now but more effectively so I could spend more time with my wife, daughter, family, and friends.

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