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Dmitri Kaminski

Dmitri Kaminski

Who you are

What does leadership mean to you?

I’ve always led by example and found that if you work hard, show integrity and do the right thing then your reports will naturally follow. I’ve also always treated everyone with the same respect, whether that was a CEO or a VA.

What core attributes make you, you?

I am thorough and systems-oriented – I like to ensure tasks and projects get done properly and according to standard. I am hardworking – I enjoy completing tasks and projects. I am humble and helpful – I never turn people away and am always willing to help as long as I have the capacity and ability.

How do you want to make people feel?

In general I like to think that you should treat others the way you’d want to be treated. I’ve also always tried to make people happy and comfortable around me.

Who inspires you?

Self-starters that achieved their success through hard, honest work and ethical choices. People that at any point faced adversity in their life but kept going and pushed through.

Who does the opposite?

People with fake personalities and questionable motives. Anyone who doesn’t take ownership of their own mistakes and tries to blame the world instead of fixing their problems.

What gives you purpose and meaning?

Improving the quality of life of those that surround me.

Where have you found unexpected success in life? Tell us about it.

Creating / improving a process or a procedure around existing tasks to optimize and streamline said process / procedure. Determination and loyalty and avoiding shiny object syndrome have helped immensely with having a professional career success as well as a healthy and steady marriage.

Tell us about a low-time in your career - what you learned and how you bounced back.

During the “easy SEO” time period I have spent a considerable amount of time and resources developing a network of low quality sites aimed to quickly gain traffic and earn revenue via ad networks. It took off as expected and gotten to a point of decent revenue, mostly passive, at which point I relaxed and left it to 1 VA to manage. A few weeks later Google changed their algorithm and killed this project overnight. It was a tough but an important lesson to learn with some key takeaways – there are no get-rich-quick ways of succeeding, low quality work is not sustainable, diversity within traffic channels, revenue sources and risk mitigation should always be a top priority, and one should never stop looking for ways to improve their systems.

What is the amount of money in the bank that represents money solved?

In general, I’ve always felt that 6-12 months float would be sufficient for anyone as you can turn things around if need be within that time frame.

Money solved to me would be having enough investment / semi-passive income coming in to cover the cost of living.

How you like to work

Where would you say you naturally fall on the ETTO scale?

Definitely on the thoroughness side but I’ve been making a conscious effort to balance it out with efficiency.

What is your disc profile?
    • D 13%
    • I 7%
    • S 39%
    • C 41%
What does a perfect workday look like? What are you doing?

Early start, workout and a breakfast followed by a creative work time slot where I can have an interrupted 2-3 hours of creation time. Then lunch followed by lower-priority / administrative work, another exercise / activity session and a learning time slot. Late afternoons and evenings are dedicated to family time.

What does the worst possible workday look like? What are you doing?

Having to deal with putting out fires / spending all day in an administrative work. Being stuck in meetings where there is no value exchange.

Your role at Acquira

What is your role at Acquira?

Director of Systems.

Why did you join Acquira?

Opportunity for a new challenge and to join a team that can have a real positive impact at global scale. I’ve also known and worked with Hayden for a long time and I knew that I would align perfectly with everything that this company represents.

What do you like about working at Acquira?

The fact that I work with and constantly meet exceptional people. Being able to work from anywhere and have a decent flexibility to structure my work time. That’s just something that money can’t buy.

If you were to run a division in Acquira that bought and improved businesses, what would it be doing?

I’d focus this division on something related to sports – perhaps a roll-up of gyms nation-wide. It would be super fun to create and optimize systems for gyms and then travel and implement said systems across different locations.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

See “money solved” part above for money and “perfect day” for day-to-day work. Spending more time with kids and teaching them how to solve money and the importance of core values. Owning a business or a few businesses. Regular travel with family to visit businesses we participate in and see my colleagues and their families.

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